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Feed-in Tariff

Sell back electricity to TNB and earn potential income

FiT system is a funding mechanism under the Renewable Energy Act (REA) 2011 and SEDA Act 2011 designed to encourage the development of renewable energy via cost-sharing among electricity consumers in Peninsular Malaysia. For Commercial & Industrial usage, 1.6% is charged under category "KUMPULAN WANG TENAGA BOLEH BAHARU@RE FUND". Under this programme, Feed-in approval holders receive premium payment for clean energy generated and sell to the distribution licensees (e.g. SESB, TNB) for a fixed duration of time which is 21 years. Public are encourage to have their chance to regain what they had paid through FiT in the sector of their choice by advice of the Service Provider.

Benefits of FiT

Future Energy & Go Green

Encourage using renewable energy as our natural resources is going low.
Potential Investment

A Better and consistent investment return for IRR 10% - 11% for 21 consecutive years.
New Trend of Electricity Cost Saving

Not only cut off your electricity bill, but you will get attractive income every month.
Cooler Temperature

Reducing your house temperature as additional roof on your roof top.

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