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LG and Cypress Creek Renewables partner on North Carolina solar+storage projects

Developer Cypress Creek Renewables has completed an 8.5-MW/12-MWh portfolio of utility-scale solar projects in North Carolina.

The projects include 21,900 LG solar panels (395-watt LG NeON 2 72-cell modules) installed across a dozen separate solar farms in Columbus and Brunswick counties. LG Electronics provided tax equity financing to the projects in partnership with Cypress Creek.

“Creating a clean, sustainable future that’s accessible and affordable is central to LG’s goal of providing solutions that match changing needs in our communities, workplaces and homes – including innovative, intelligent solutions for energy conservation, solar energy and energy storage. LG’s involvement in these projects underscores the company’s commitment to providing innovative, market-leading solutions to its partners and customers,” said Tim Distler, head of solar business development, LG Electronics USA.

Cypress Creek acquired the projects from United Renewable Energy, the initial developer of the projects. The power developed on these sites will give the local homes and businesses in the area access to clean and affordable energy. The LG solar panels will charge batteries during off-peak periods. Once the batteries are charged each day, the solar portion of the projects will continue to deliver energy to the grid. During peak load times in the summer and winter, the projects will provide reliable renewable energy using the batteries, and LG solar panels will reduce the utility’s peak power requirements.

Backed by a 15-year product and 25-year performance warranty, LG NeON 2 72-cell solar panels deliver high efficiency by design with a double-sided cell structure, which allows the panels to produce more energy with a smaller footprint. The design makes it easier to manage space when installing a large-scale system without sacrificing energy output. LG’s flagship NeON 2 solar panels feature innovative LG Cello technology, which utilizes circular-shaped wires to scatter light for better absorption while reducing the electrical loss and increasing power output and reliability.


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