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Install tip: Take advantage of multi-purpose solar software to save on soft costs

This installation tip was provided by Lennie Moreno, CEO of Solargraf

Installers and salespeople are often spending too much time quoting deals that are not yet in the bag. If creating a design and a professional proposal takes more than three minutes, companies should try out software like SolargrafMODsolar or PVComplete that will create and send quotes automatically.

Nowadays, creating a PDF is counterproductive. There are always changes and negotiations happening during a solar deal, so installers need to keep quoting online and interactively to close deals on the spot. Client acquisition costs account for almost 17% of a turnkey solution price, and with the recent tariffs on imported solar cells, an average 6-kW system will need to be around $600 cheaper to offer the same price to consumers as before.

This means contractors need to start saving on two major soft costs: client acquisition and permitting.

Installers can save on client acquisition costs by finding more qualified leads at an affordable price, as well as focusing on a solid referral program. Companies can also save on permitting by removing the burden, time and costs associated with doing them internally and paying for the service only when needed. Most companies will pay for a full-time employee to work on permitting when they only need their services three to five times per month. Outsourcing will help save money and free up more time for selling and investing in marketing. 


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